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OK - I've had enough. The Government gags us and creates laws limiting our freedom when it comes to discriminating against people on grounds of race, creed, disability and sexual orientation but it seems that other abused minorities, such as the overweight, can go hang so far as they are concerned.

They are so busy blaming the overweight themselves for all their problems and starting schemes which are doomed to failure, that one wonders exactly WHAT expert opinion they have been taking advice from.

The fact of the matter is that the very people they SHOULD be consulting are the people AFFECTED; people whose lives have been blighted by a problem that is FAR MORE complex than simple gluttony or laziness (which doesn't, contrary to common belief, even come into it for a great percentage of the overweight population).

People like ME.

However, I'm not holding my breath for someone like Gordon Brown or David Cameron to call and ask me what the REAL basis of the problem is because I suspect that they wouldn't like the answer.

They say that in a few years time, 1 quarter of the UK will be obese. That will be a VERY good number of people who are abused, depressed, disenfranchised and angry about the abuse they suffer (which is getting worse). Amongst those will be a very large number of people who will be MORE than capable of fighting back, despite their size - and sooner or later, they WILL. ANY abused section of society will, in time, fight back - and probably violently - as we have seen all too often.

It would be nice to think that before that happens, the world will become a bit better educated about the subject of weight and that like other subjects such as race, creed and disability, the government will have DONE something to stop the abuse and the offence. If not, society will only have itself to blame for the results.

I have written to the Health Minister, to tell her about the attitudes that are prevalent on the web about the subject of obesity and the damage that they are doing and the trouble they may cause in the future and I would urge anyone else who cares about the subject to do the same. People who bring up this subject on Yahoo are probably already getting sick of my going on about this, but I shall go on talking about it until people who are overweight get the message - that we need to DO something about it, not just sit back and allow ourselves to be abused.

I'm starting this site because I have to tell it like it IS in this so called enlightened society of ours - if only, one of these days, to be able to say 'I told you so'.

People have asked why there isn't a contact number on this site?

The answer is, simply because sites with similar subjects are indundated with weight loss adverts and abusive emails of a type you would not believe, day after day. I am not interested in dealing with either of those - and why SHOULD I? Everything I have said on this site is FACT - it's not up for argument. I AM interested however in serious discussion on the subject of the abuse of overweight people and a shameful lack of understanding of obesity from the top of government down. Anyone who is genuinely interested in constructive dialogue about THAT can easily find me on the web with a tiny amount of effort - like putting my name into Google!

And while I'm at it.... I'll have a go at a lot of other stuff that irritates the HELL out of me. You think you've heard me 'sing' before - trust me, you ain't heard 'nothin' yet!

THE LINKS BELOW ARE LIVE but the main content has not yet been added to most pages - just give me time to convert the steam coming out of my ears into something meaningful....... Oh and these are just the first eight links - the ones connected with the obesity problem. The rest are to follow.....

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